Friday, April 4, 2014


 Hi there,
    This is the website where you can check out samples of WB playing guitar. If you like what you hear please get in touch, contact: 
     Beyond solos, which is what a lot of these samples are, I am very passionate about honoring the song/piece/improvisation and consider listening, community, and dynamics above all. I have been an accompanist for many great players through the years and look forward to making music with many more. 

If you are looking for my solo/original music page and are interested in booking or hearing those songs, the website is

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1/11: Rye, Brooklyn, NY 9pm
1/24: Bosquet, Pittsfield, 8pm
1/26: Mission, Pittsfield, 8pm
1/31-2/1: Recording at Friday Pop Cafe Studios, Burlington VT
2/19-22: MAR, Bristol, NH
2/28-3/1: Recording at Lone Pine Road Studios, Kingston,NY
3/19: Mission, Pittsfield, 8pm
3/20: Recording, Notre Dame Church w/ Jack Chicago, Pittsfield
3/21: Bosquet, Pittsfield 8pm
4/22: Flywheel Easthampton, MA, guitarist with Michael Hurley
5/3: Deep Thoughts, JP Boston, OLD WAVE record release party/Greg Jamie/ more tba
5/9: Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, Monte Vista record release/Trophy Bucks
5/21: Whitney Arts Center, Pittsfield, 8pm w Ryan Hobler
5/24: Aviary, JP Boston, with Gracious Calamity/Wes Buckley and Pancho the Kid Duo/
Shira E (G.Calam/WBPTKD split tape)
5/29: Montague Bookmill, Kath Bloom/Erin Durant
6/3: Mystery Train Records, Amherst MA w Gracious Calamity
6/21: Squirrel Cafe, JP, Boston
7/16: Living Room, New York w Zachary Cale, Last Gold Tooth
7/17: Half Moon Hudson, NY w Zachary Cale, Last Gold Tooth

1/2: Mission, Pittsfield, MA 8-11
1/5:Stagecoach Tavern WINTER REZ, Sheffield, MA 4-8 
1/12:Stagecoach Tavern WINTER REZ, Sheffield, MA 4-8
1/19:Stagecoach Tavern WINTER REZ, Sheffield, MA 4-8
1/26:Stagecoach Tavern WINTER REZ, Sheffield, MA 4-8
2/21-2/23: MAR TREE Music Experience, Bristol, NH
3/2: Stagecoach Tavern WINTER REZ, Sheffield, MA 4-8
4/10: Mission, Pittsfield, MA 8-11
4/19: DreamAway Lodge, guitar for Avi Jacob 8-10ish
4/26: Brickhouse, Housatonic, with Picky Bastards
5/4: Mission Pittsfield, matinee jam hosted by Darren O
5/9: Midway, Boston, w/OLDWAVE
5/17: Flywheel, Easthampton, MA with Michael Hurley
5/23: Half Moon, Hudson, NY with Michael Hurley
5/31: Farmers Market Benefit, Whitney Arts Center, w Billy Keane, Chris Merenda, Pittsfield,MA
6/7: Farmers Market, Pittsfield, 11AM-1PM
6/21: Fresh Air Ringer Park, Allston, with Pancho, 3pm
6/21: Squirrel Cafe, Boston 8pm
7/10: Mission, Pittsfield, MA 9pm
8/14: Mission, Pittsfield, MA 8pm
8/15: Former Gallery, W.Stockbridge, MA 6-8
8/29: Monkey Bar, Winooski, VT w/Grand Western/ Old Wave
8/30: Rod & Gun, Brooklyn, NY w/ Kath Bloom/Erin Durant
9/5: Private Event, Lenox MA
9/27: Private Event, Bennington,VT
10/1: Northampton, TBA
10/9: RAW tv Staten Island,NYC Airs at 10pm 
11/7: First Friday Pittsfield, Melville St
11/8: HASSLEFEST 6, Somerville MA
11/10: Mission, Pittsfield
11/14: Wyben, Ma TBA
12/5: private event, MA
12/6: private event, MA

1/14: Boston TT's (guitar, Sam Marine & County)
1/27: MercuryLounge, NYC (guitar, Sam Marine & County)
3/6-3/24 Sam tour!!
3/7 Pour House, Raleigh, NC
3/11 Howlin Wolf Den, New Orleans
3/17 Adair's, Dallas
4/18 Marketplace Cafe, Pittsfield, MA  w/Pancho Kidd
4/19 Whitehaus w/Hurricanes of Love/more TBA
4/20 Hardcore House, JP, Boston w/Pancho&Jonah/WolfWolff
5/18 Nectars, Burlington, VT 7-9
5/19 Radio Bean Burlington,VT  7-745
5/24 Montague, MA Montague Bookmill w Dire Honeys/Cat Fox 8pm
6/20 Stagecoach Tavern, Sheffield, MA 8pm
7/19 Marketplace Kitchen, Sheffield, MA
8/6 Midway Cafe, Boston,MA w Blue Ribbon Band/The Broons
9/26 Mission, Pittsfield, MA
10/6 Elevens, Northampton,MA w Zachary Cale Band, Dire Honeys
10/20 Lady Jay's Brooklyn, NY w Elijah Ocean, Lowell Thompson
12/8 Stagecoach Tavern WINTER REZ 4-8 Sheffield, MA
12/15 Stagecoach Tavern WINTER REZ 4-8 Sheffield, MA
12/22 Stagecoach Tavern WINTER REZ 4-8 Sheffield, MA
12/26 Mission w/ the Picky Bastards, 8-11, Pittsfield, MA
12/31 Lulu's Brooklyn, NY 9pm


1/27-1/29: Recording, Boston
2/11: Boston, Whitehaus Record Release
2/16: Trash Bar, Brooklyn
2/21: Big Snow, Brooklyn (guitar for Colin)
2/24: The Binn, Bristol, NH
3/13: Legion, Brooklyn Wes& Allie, Human Cartoon
4/18: Ding Dong, Manhattan, (guitar for Colin)
4/28: Belfast Folk Fest, ME (guitar for Colin)
5/15: Le Poisson Rouge, NY,NY (guitar for Colin)
5/20: Bohemian Grove, Brooklyn
5/31: Death By Audio, (guitar for Sam)
6/9 Glasslands (guitar for Colin L. Orchestra/ opening for O'Death)
6/10 Brooklyn Bowl (sax CSC Funk Band)
6/13 AS220, Prov, RI (sax CSC Funk Band)
6/14 Seal Beards, Boston, MA (sax CSC Funk Band)
6/15 Montreal Jazz Fest, QC (sax CSC Funk Band)
6/16 Intercambio, New Haven, CT, (sax CSC Funk Band)
6/17 Secret Project Robot (sax CSC Funk Band)
6/26 Rockshop, Brooklyn, (guitar Sam Marine)
6/30 Western MA, (private, sax CSC)
7/6 Death By Audio,Brooklyn (guitar Colin L)
7/8 Zebulon, Brooklyn (guitar for Lance RomaƱce/sax CSC)
7/11 McCarren Park Pool (guitar Colin L)
7/14 Knitting Factory (sax CSC, Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest)
7/26: Union Pool, Brooklyn. Wes Buckey & Allie Klein, Hurricanes of Love, Little Howlin Wolf
7/28: Whitehaus, JP, Boston. Wes&Allie, Hurricanes of Love, Little Howlin Wolf
7/29: Mellow Fest at Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, Hurricanes of Love, Little Howlin Wolf,
Colin L., Moon, others TBA!
8/4 BOBfest, Western MASS, w/ Pancho n friends.
8/12 Lady Jayes, Brooklyn, (guitar for Sam Marine)
8/25 Public Assembly,Brooklyn (guitar Colin L)
8/27 Spike Hill, Brooklyn, Wes/Colin L/ Monte Vista
8/29 Manhattan Inn, Brooklyn, Wes/ Sky White Tiger+Friends
9/13 Wes & Allie Brooklyn Fire Proof, Ingraham St. our sets at 10pm
9/15 Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn,  (sax CSC Funk)
9/21 Wes& Allie Talibam! release show, Brooklyn, Secret Project Robot
9/24 Delancy, Manhattan (guitar Sam Marine & County)
10/4 Grand Victory, Brooklyn (guitar Sam Marine & County)
10/9, 10/23 Honkey Tonk Covers, Brooklyn, Lady Jay's (every other Tues.)