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"For Deer Life" October 2013
"Desert Life" November 2013

"Wicked Witch, Faulty Snorkel" October 2013

"Self Portrait" November 2013

"Dream North" March 2013

"Town Medium" July 2013

"Observing A Fairy Right of Passage Ritual", March 2012

"Not A Good Day But Not A Bad Day" January 2012

"This Band Sucks" March 2011

"I Smell Human Boss" January 2012

"Kaynine, Poopulation: 15" June 2011

"Saco River" April 28, 2011

"Cock Army Zorro", 2008

Word Belay #1: "Abundance"

Word Belay #2 "Tendency" 

"Hoofrat", 2008

"Tiny", 2008

"I Don't Need the Moon" October 2011

"Rat Fin" April 2012